Patching and PPA'ing

I do this so irregularly that I can never remember the proper steps and haven’t been able find a simple source that has all the information I need, so here it is.

  1. Get the source with
  2. Make the changes
  3. Add the change log entry by running the dch (Debian CHange) tool from the project’s root directory (i.e. the directory that contains the debian directory)

    Simplify this process by setting two environment variables in your Bash user config:

    Also make sure to follow these version numbering rules:

    2.6.0-1 The first Debian package of version 2.6.0. No Ubuntu changes were included
    2.6.0-1ubuntu1 The first Ubuntu package based on the Debian package version 2.6.0-1
    2.6.0-0ubuntu1 There was not a Debian package yet and this is the first Ubuntu version of package 2.6.0
    2.6.1-1ubuntu1~svn1 The first development release of what will be 2.6.1-1ubuntu1. package-1.1~svn1 < package-1.1, so that it can be used for pre-release versions, such that package-1.1 would replace package-1.1~svn1 when released.
    2.6.0-1ubuntu1+myppa1 Patched version of 2.6.0-1ubuntu1. + does the opposite of ~, so that package-1.1+myppa1 replaces package-1.1.
  4. Still in the project’s root directory, build the source package:
  5. If you just want to build the package and install it (skipping the next step) you can drop the -S option and debuild will default to building the binary package (-b).

  6. Upload to your PPA:
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