Tortilla Chips and NoMachine

So I got some huge tortilla chips from our local Mexican resturaunt with my dinner last night. Now, in the process of making nachos for the game tonight, I was faced with deciding the appropriate size for a nacho chip. Man that was tough. I’m just glad there are companies, like Tostitos, that can make those difficult decisions for me.

On a side note, I just installed and played with NoMachine’s NX Server/NX Client. I know I’m a little slow to jump on the NX Technology bandwagon, but I just have to say this — Finally! Something for Linux users that can actually compete with Microsoft’s RDP protocol. I have always been jealous of how much faster remote RDP sessions have been compared to VNC. No longer. I just comfortably ran a Gnome session under some extreme overhead conditions:

  1. Physical machine running Ubuntu 7.10
  2. VMWare Virtual Machine Running Windows XP
  3. Remotely connected to my office workstation over RDP
  4. Remotely connected back to my Ubuntu machine via NX Session

Of course, this was over a 15/2 FiOS connection…

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